We will be live first quarter of 2016!

We are very excited about the future of bettertheteam.com and can't wait to release it to kids playing sports that are in need of funds to continue to participate. We want to help relieve some of the financial burden that parents are faced with today.

Awesome Features

We want to make our website very easy for people to use. Easy for players and teams to promote it to their friends and family in order to start raising money.

Team And Player Page

This page is set up for the team which showcases their players as well as upcoming events and activities. Their will be a video library showing games and plays that players want to upload for people to view.

Easy To Use Vendor Page

Find your everyday vendors who are participating in our program and purchase you items.

Fundraising Dashboard

See what you have raised in real time through your teams efforts.

Multi Plateform Solutions

Our goal is to offer web, mobile and brick & mortar opportunities that will help your kids raise money that will go towards their sports.

Better The Team wants to make a difference.

If you are a team, player or parent who would like to get involved with this program, let us contact you once we go live.

Pre-Register me today.

How It Works

The process is simple, you get to enjoy buying stuff and they benefit by raising money.

Step 1 - Register

You will go online and register a team and it's players.

Step 2 - Promote It

Once the team page has been created all the players will promote it to their family and friends to help raise money.

Step 3 - They Make Purchases

You, your friends and family will purchase their day to day items from one of our vendors partners.

Step 4 - You Raising Money

Once the purchase has been completed, your account will be credited with the appropriate commission and will be deposited into your Better The Team account.

Step 5 - Campaign Finished

You continue to accumulate funds for the period of time your team has chosen to fundraise for.

Step 6 - Money In Hand

Congratulations, you have raised funds to help your team and the players and will now recieve the funds from Better The Team.

Our Vendors

These are only a few samples of the vendor partners we have joining our program to help kids in need.

About Us

This company was formed by two parents with kids who play competitve sports.
We know first hand the challenges as a parent with a child involved in sports, and the costs that go along with it.
We have seen kids with amazing skills and potential have to quit because their parents just simply can not afford it.
It is our goal and mission to develop a simple way to help parents and their kids stay involved.

Be Proud Parents

With everyone's help we can keep all children playing sports.

What this provides the kids

With this service kids can now simply ask family and friends to think of them before they spend online and at stores to help them raise money for their team.

  • FREE to register your team.
  • FREE Team profile and activity page.
  • FREE for your friends and family.
  • FREE tools to promote fundraising.
  • No more asking them to spend extra
         money to help you fundraise.
  • They simply buy what they were going
         to buy and you raise money.

Get in Touch

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Better The Team
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